Nov 3, 2008

News Flash!

I've been itching to tell this BIG BIG news since I did it but never had the time to do so. Why? because:
1. I did it before we left for the Philippines
2. Vacationed in the Phils and cant get an internet connection at home
3. Came back of course with tons of work
4. Came back to work and surprise they moved to another office (as far as makati - Sta. Rosa)
5. Busy with work and repeatedly doing it over and over (this one is record breaking)


I will soon be a stay-at-home mom. Maybe I will have to change to another blog or maybe not for all I know The Wonder Woman title fits a full time mom the best.

For as long as we have decided this (likes as in months and months ago) it was hard for me to be silent about it. Nobody understood of course (for those I have informed) but despite my friends teasing that I can't do it (as in really give up working) I know they knew I will go for it and my REAL friends will really support me. In fact the first time I told my bestfriend she instantly said I believe you can but I wonder for how long. When I had uncertainties by guy bestfriend said he knows I can do it. Lastly my supportive husband never pushed it but he reasoned with me all the time and told me that whatever I decide on he's on my side. So I guess with all the sense left in me it was only right to do this.

Considering the economic crisis and all, how ambitious I am with my career, our future plans I still believe this is the best choice not only for my family but personally this is something that I need.

It may be for a lot of reasons but most of all having to give up something I had to make sure I can stand for it and I am happy with it. Then the answer I found deep down inside well actually during my reflections while talking to Rem about being a working mom. She being one too and since she knows me for almost my entire life. I realize I have stretched myself too much, I feel that I am not good at anything anymore either at work or being a mom or a wife. My self esteem hit low as a result. Our profession screams for dedication which is now a luxury for me and as much as I was considered for a promotion accepting it will compromise my time with my family. Each night when I close my eyes it's eating me inside. That's when I knew I can't do the juggling act anymore...or at least for now. =)

This is the most liberating thing I have done. I have feared it, waited for it now I'm just too excited about it!!!


eiNa said...

yes, i like to be a stay at home mommy too.. unfortunately i CANT!!! =(
good for u,100% can take care of iaree..
dnt worry la.. u always can do part time recruitement..or join other agency.. or may be has your own agency!

cheers beb!!

~dowadee~ said...

eina i'm both excited and nervous i never thought I would someday but when I had Iaree I really really want to do this =). Once I get my pace I will look for a part time job or maybe a business =)

miss you eina!take care always!