Nov 19, 2008

Your public identity

Having this online sites like blogs, plurk & social networks where you post your pictures and videos are really cool.

I mean I dont have to spend on courier or post just to update my family about Iaree's latest milestones and her pictures. It's where you discover who got married had another baby even if that meant your 19 year old cousin who you tought was still a kid. Blogs are a great outlet for me to blow off some steam or narrate some events that I can't keep to myself. When they introduced this plurk thing I thought why not since I change my YM status so often anyway and it felt that it was like that. However, sometimes you want to speak to a certain audience and have a little privacy. Of course you wouldn't post anything you cant afford to reach someones ears especially when you write about someone.

I didn't bother before with this. In fact I had an experience long back when I was so mad with my officemate I couldn't tell anyone so I blogged it. I only found out that she read it when we made ammends..hahaha as in months & many blogs after!Now we're good friends as if it never happened and that was just a laughing matter for us now.

The other day in my plurk profile I started having fans errr...I was alarmed , I dont know these friends and family I dont mind. Now I'm having second thoughts about all my online sites. Once I am a housewife and IF I find the time to sit on this maybe I will make some changes. For the meantime can someone please tell my why and how did I get followers in my plurk? Should I be horrified or something? If I remove them wouldn't that be rude and I can't stop them from reading it how?


Salina Inzaghi said...

you can adjust the privacy settings of your blog,'s one thing about sharing your life with people you know, and people you might wanna know, but you must remember that as much as there are nice people out there, there are also freaks n just be careful what you share

~dowadee~ said...

i dont mind them reading my blog but i do mind that i have unknown fans in my plurk...S-C-A-R-Y. In fairness they are not harming me or anything. It's just weird to be followed. I'd have to check out the privacy settings of that as well.

eiNa said...

yeah.. i also got fan in my plurg...?! n im not always update the status!! maybe i should remove that.... huhuu

Salina Inzaghi said...

what's a "plurk"?

~dowadee~ said...

Azlina I have 10 fans now and all Malaysians I am thinking maybe I should just recruit them. Hahaha!
So is ur plurk also in Malay?

Nani, I will invite you also try plurking.