Nov 12, 2008

Freedom! Yey!

It was only yesterday that my boss has conceded and finally accepted that I'm leaving. He did not do this because I was important part of the team but because it was indeed a crucial time for him. However it's also a crucial time for us so I stayed on my ground as much as I would want to exit gloriously and help the team out.

I technically resigned 3x. Sending him emails repeatedly that I am not withdrawing it. This morning in the car he simply said in admission wow on the 17th you suddenly free from it all doing nothing. As much as I can hardly wait for it I make the best out of my time here. It's amazing though when there's no pressure to win the race and have the top most number of closures for the month. Not to be scolded for not having enough CV's end of the day because without these pressure I'm doing quite well. Hehe.

Boss was being funny for the last time and giving me speeches about the finances. Uh hello knowing me I would've thought about that a million times before doing this so nope sorry no amount of pep talk could do that. I'm not saying that everything will be perfect but for now everything is so promising that I hardly have a reason to frown.

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