Oct 6, 2008


Saturday was not my day.

I was so looking forward to the weekend right? In fact I started washing clothes early and as promised I started working from home. But that was not enough for my boss and junior boss. Despite sucessfully getting around 15 profiles they still insisted I go to office to call. Hmmm...it was really impractical for me to do that as we are not paid to work on weekends and I'd really love to spend time at home with baby & hubby. But they relentlessly bugged me and saying unecessary words (as if you are paid) that I just want to shut them up. I went in submission to their nagging.

I did not talk to a single person in the office. Despite them talking to me.

After that Ryan and I had a row after shopping for some stuff (this one has major guilt combined as it was my fault). But boy was I feeling sooo sooo low. And that too, Iaree was so sleepy when we arrived that I lost a day spent with her. Oh well...there are rainy days and there are bad bad days which felt like there's no end.

But today is Monday and I took a dose of positivity with me. No grudges except that junior boss is taking it to heart that I did not talk to them last Saturday. Hehehe what's a pissed off girl got to do? And Sunday was a better day, we heard mass at a new church with a better sermon (no politics included) and shorter too. I was able to pick fresh fruits from the night market. I managed to organize the clothes - gee am I getting fulfilled lately in arranging stuff? And plenty plenty of play time with Iaree. Plus pending shows to watch with Ryan =)

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