Sep 19, 2008

An evening full of Hugs & Kisses

Sweet, cuddly and cute!

Every night if Iaree is still playful and not yet sleepy we sing songs together (she can follow the actions of Twinkle Twinkle & Row Row Row your boat). I also love tickling her and she loves being tickled as well she will give me her feet and neck for more...and she knows how the say "Tickle" too..or sounds like it.

When I tell her "I LOVE YOU!" -- the you part I tickle her tummy and last night she will stop me from tickling her by hugging me while I'm lying down. Super sweet! And I keep on repeating this so I will get endless hugs & I can shower her with kisses!

We were also full of delight when she said "Tu ko dede" (I want milk) her first complete sentence. Although its in Tagalog because I think here and there lola talks to her in Tagalog orshe hears us talking in Tagalog. =)

Some of Iaree's words for the month:
- Car
- Think (from My friends Tiger & Pooh song)
- Tickle
- Pat (from Little Einsteins)
...and mama said she can count up to three this I have yet to hear =)

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