Sep 10, 2008

About me...lately

Well to start with my hair is an inch away for me to grow scales and be a mermaid. Arrgh!I'm so scared of going to a salon here where I'll have difficulty explaining to them what I want and they will have difficulty understanding it. End product murdered hair. No way!! So until then my hair is plain old boring and long...Or maybe I can audition for a ghost lady role! Arrrghh kainis tlga!!
Something's cooking and I can hardly wait. My lips are sealed for now except for a few close friends who already know about it.

I'm so active with my multiply & friendster...well multiply I frequently update friendster I frequently log in. After uploading the pictures in Ryan's profile I will not bother uploading in's so difficult as compared to multiply. So if you're in my friendster but not in my multiply sorry for you there are more private photos shared for my network there.
Unti-unti nang nalalagas ang tao dito sa Emerio especially my friends over my almost 2 years of stay here. Haay. Oh well people come and go.
Miss ko na ang Pinas but most of all I miss my family and friends back there!!I miss going out and having fun with them!But I thank God I dont have to miss having fun with Ryan and Iaree everyday especially weekends like most married couple where one is working overseas or something.
Weekends if it's sunny outside my hope for having a fair skin falters...Iaree is so addicted to swimming. Minsan even on weekdays if we go home early and take her out to the playground she pulls us to the direction of the pool. Ang lamig kaya! Gusto pa mag-night swimming.


eiNa said...

my dear seat mate!!! =)
how are yu there?
going to move to cyber soon?
good luck 4 ever.. hee...
miss chatting wth u.. hahaa...

~dowadee~ said...

hey seatmate & former team mate!!how is your new seat mate over there? You dont have YM but you have blogspot huh?! Now Linda's also sad without you & linda!Goodluck to me!