Sep 15, 2008

The week that mommy went out too much

Before we got married I remember telling Ryan that since he's not as sociable as I am I hope he wont stop me from going out with my friends once we were married. He kept his end of the bargain but there's no negotiating when you are a mom. Wonder Woman powers won't just work...

Wednesday night: Buka Puasa buffet / Farewell dinner for Linda - went home 10 PM.
- Iaree not asleep but was very sleepy when I took her from mama. And I cant put into words the delight on her face when she saw me. I haven't picked her up from bed yet she was waving goodbye to mama already. So adorable!

Friday night: Boss made a mandatory team night out - went home 11 PM
- Mama wanted to go out so I took them with me but not in the billiard hall nor in the bowling lanes so we were still apart =( and she was too sleepy when we got home

Saturday: We had to work then I went home took a nap then they were calling me again coz we had an office bowling tournament. I thought we will start early but turns out we had to wait for others...I was hardly home the whole day =( and I finished 8 PM

Though I made sure I make up for the time I was away, it's just different going out this time. Ryan said it's still okay to go out but I had too much for this week..I can do it but not over do it. Sooo true! Especially when Saturday afternoon Iaree started walking without support and I wasa few hours from missing it..sigh...good thing I was when she walked backwards and I managed to capture the moment too!

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eiNa said...

pheww... alot of activities ha...enjoy!!!

yeahh.. wish u all the best.. :P