Mar 31, 2008

Mahusay moments!

Grocery time is Ryan's baby duty to carry but his shirt is still wet from the spilled miso soup so I took over in carrying Iaree. Mama was pushing the grocery cart and I'm supposed to push the stroller.

I placed my big baby bag in her stroller and was checking out some pans pero dahil may kasalubong ako pinark ko ung stroller sa isang side. After 6+ lanes in the massive Carrefour...

Dowa: Mama!Asan ung stroller???!!
Mama: Aba malay ko sa iyo ikaw kaya nagtutulak nun?!

(Panic galore!In my 1 inch heeled sandals, skinny jeans baby in the carrying pouch tinakbo ko pabalik coz I remember exactly where I left it!!)I ran into Ryan who didn't accompany us coz he was checking out the car waxes and was on his way to the DVD's.

The stroller was still there but the bag was missing!!!!!!!And Ryan also gave me his cellphone!!And all my cards are there!!!!!!!!!I made a mad dash to go to the security guard and alert everyone. (Mega explain as they are not so good in English) Then I saw mama calmly approaching us but worried as she saw me already hyped up explaining my best to the security guard.

Mama: Bakit? Anong nangyari?
Dowa: Nakita namin ung stroller pero wala na ung bag!!
Mama: Huh? Ito sa akin oh...

Ok fine!Whew! That gave mister security guard a break from the effort of understanding me too!

Ryan was patting my back and trying to relax me after, I know he's trying to control his laughter. Mama was even trying to explain when she got the bag...when I wasn't paying attention to it she decided to get it from me. Even worst if a thief took my bag before that.

Resuming where we left off after 2 more lanes naiwan ko na naman ang stroller. We realized it after 4 lanes. Sabi ni Ryan o nasan na naman ang stroller??! So sabay kami binalikan n naman namin...

Ryan shaking his head he told me, "If the baby was there it should have been crying by now...mommy daddy?Where are you??!!" I decided it's best to take over the grocery cart mama was even hesitant on giving me back my bag.


Rowena said...

hahaha sakit ng tyan ko girl! sabi nga namin dati, kung yang ano mo ay di nakakabit, nag-agawan ang mga bading hehehe. miss you so much!

~dowadee~ said...

nakuuuuu grabe tlga!to think ang yabang ko pa dati ke dan diba i was teasing him na pag nagka-anak sya nawawala na sa grocery di pa nya alam. i cant imagine it happening to me at 2x pa!!!Hay Weng miss na din kita!!

theworkingmom said...

Dowa, huwag mong sabihing epek ng anesthesia yan!

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Hope you'll join us!


~dowadee~ said...

Actually no Joey this is me without anesthesia whatsoever...hhahaha!