Mar 7, 2008

The time is NOW. The place is Malaysia

Quick! I tell myself feeling like a fugitive being chased as I hurry to type down my thoughts...ecstatic, as after a few months I am again attempting (hoping) I finish an entry in my almost nonexsistent blog. Ryan already called me a few minutes ago and it's only a matter of time before the baby wails and the daddy calls. Already missed out so many things I wanted to write down. Like Iaree's delightful milestones, my record breaking almost nervous breakdown in the office that only took place after more than a year as compared to my previous employments, my simple yet lovely & memorable birthday, some of my new kitchen triumphs, shopping finds, blah blah get the picture! To say that A LOT has happened is an understatement.

What I actually wanted to blog about today is how happy I am!Borrowing the tourism tagline of Malaysia just because I also feel that it's appropriate to our current state in life. There are so many things that is happening with our life. Some challenges too but counting the blessings makes it worthwhile. Of course on top of the list is our wonderful baby Iaree who we cant get enough of!! Another thing is how progressive Ryan's career have been since we got here. And after more than a year of being here in Malaysia I find myself (finally!) researching for possible intenerary of our Holy Week vacation in Melaka. It's so exciting! =) A family weekend getaway...

I feel that Malaysia really is the start of something new for us preparing us for bigger things we are aiming in life.

Check out our sweet baby and how fast she has grown up


abieco said...

i am soooo happy for you! welcome back to blogging - i just got back myself.

Joey said...

Dowa dear, I'm so glad you're both very happy with your choice of being in Malaysia! Hope everything remains to be positive for all of you!

Welcome back to blogging!

~dowadee~ said...

abie!joey!thanks for dropping by we've finally settled somehow and more comfortable as we plan for our next big steps. It wasn't easy to adjust honestly new culture + new lifestyle + the baby. Finally after a year its better!

Jackline said...

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