Apr 5, 2006

Bad habit

This is probably my worst…

Deadline for submission of take-home exam 6:00 PM

3:30 AM I tried hard not to fall asleep and concentrate on answering the questions in this very lengthy take-home exam.

3:45 AM I had enough! I noticed I won’t be fininshing this in 30 minutes or so.

3:50 AM woke Ryan up so we could go to our room because he fell asleep in the couch waiting for me.

7:00 AM I was wide awake but in a dazed state. Pwede pala yun. Maybe I was too worried that I haven’t finished my exam yet. Ryan was telling me mag-text ka na leave ka. But no. I can’t. We have scheduled activities that I can’t leave behind. Not keeping track of time I managed to prepare breakfast pa.

9:00 - 11:30 Dutifully did my work but after the orientation I had to tell my boss that I need to go home and sleep. Half-lie...just didn't tell her naman what time I plan to do that.

12:45 PM Rushed to DLSU, had mongolian bbq there for lunch...wrong choice coz I can't eat fast dahil super init. In fairness medyo okay naman ang luto. Kaso natakam din ako sa porkchop...di bale..next time.

1:30 PM Searched the library for an outlet to plug the laptop. Thankts to my dear husband who let me bring the service unit to school. So it began...Synthesize,copy here, copy there. I told myself I should be done by 4:00 but I actually finished it at around 5:15 PM.

5:20 PM Hurried to the computer rentals shop to have my exam printed and because I had to transfer it pa to my memory card nasingitan pa tuloy ako. While I was still transfering the file 3 girls came in but the owner said, "sya muna ha" pointing to me. Di natuwa yung girls (hello ako naman tlga nauna!)they teased the store owner na may crush lang daw sa akin kaya inuna...hahaha!gusto kong matawa pero sige na lng basta mai-print na and I submit it before 6:00.

5:33 PM Yey!I was headed back to DLSU but I remembered that it should be placed in a short brown envelope at tlga namang pumila pa ako ha. The girl ahead of me bought a lot of DLSU t-shirts and kept asking about other stuff. Puhleeeasee hurry na! (but of course it would be too bitchy of me to say that out loud).

5:47 PM Finally!In the hallway nakasalubong ko pa yung prof ko na naging classmate ko sa isang subj so chika pa ng konti

5:50 PM na ako nakasakay ng elevator. Yey! Wala pang angelus!

5:51 PM nasa floor na ako ng dept. My prof was there discussing something with my other prof. Wohooo! I made it!Ooops susulatan ko pa nga pala ng name ko ang envelope...another one of my professors came out. Small chitchat again. As I was about to put it inside the pigeonhole of my prof another classmate was rushing from the elevator. Hah!

This is it! I should be savouring the moment of completing all my Academic subjects!!I really love studying but it's the exam and assignments/projects part that I hate. Of course completing my academic subjects would also mean that I have to take the comprehensive exam, practicum & thesis. Still a long way to go for that much awaited Masteral degree but I'm simply glad that a I'm done with the big chunk of it.
Unfortunately for me...I'm so sleepy I can't celebrate or even enjoy the moment.

I just hope that I could teach our future children to have better study habits than their mother. Now how do I do that?Okay saka ko na sasagutin ang tanong na yan...mental note na lng muna.

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