Apr 25, 2006

If you'll look for me

...I'd be buried undernearth these reading materials for my compre...literally!

Finally the finished product after one hour of collating everything:

ahh...2.5 reams and P500++ worth of copied reading materials for only 2 subjects out of 8. Took these pictures to actually humor myself and internalize that I have less than 3 mos to study these and more. As if I can just laugh it off...


On a lighter side of life, all the hard work and cramming (an understatement actually) finally pays off!And they say that my prof never gave such grades...hahaha beaming with pride ang lola nyo. Gave myself a pat on the back & got a sweet hug & kiss from Ryan (who was also very happy for me) actually he's wondering if my prof was just the generous type considering the kind of student I am. Ang sweet no?!

Anyway I hope after all of these endless readings and review I can enjoy the same sweet moment after the comps. ALL fingers cross.


abieco said...

good luck!

~dowadee~ said...

hehe!abie good luck din sa yo!dalasan mo na lng ang spa visits kse matagal tagal pa ito.