Apr 12, 2006


In a few minutes vacation will officially start!! Buti naman at halfday kme!

These past few weeks I feel I'm part of my family again and a wife to my husband. Last night instead of cooking something quick and easy I cooked sweet & sour fish and kahit sa lack of practice eh hit pa din ang cooking skills ko.Haha! I'm not saying I'm the best or anything but I'm just so happy to prepare something (other than the usual frying I've done lately) and be complemented by my dear husband because if the viand is a flop I'll never hear the end of it from him.

Tapos mega-labandera ang drama ko nung weekend. Last weekend naman although I still have to finish my paper then na-excite na ako at nag-general cleaning ng room & bathroom. (Yes, somehow that explains why I had to cram like that to submit it) I feel sooo accomplished but most of all I had spare time to watch tv and rest.

Haaayyy...I'm enjoying every minute of this kse I'm setting my heart on something big this July!

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