Apr 19, 2006


Still I can't scream...and actually pointless too so maybe I'll just vent some here.
I wonder if I'll be able to handle it to reach my goal.
Then I ask myself why the hell did I set such goal...grrr?!Well, okay, I just tend to not appreciate it when it becomes hard! What a coward huh?!
This is not a job for Wonder Woman it requires a miracle...no matter how much I try to juggle everything I'm getting panicked, scared and most of all afraid of failure!

Kailangan may himala!


James said...

Ey, whatever happened to the solaris classes we were talking about last time?

~dowadee~ said...

kse Sat lng tlga ang sched na natira eh.Yung after ng class mo. For the meantime I gave the load to Marlon. Next term papabago ko na yun sa curriculum para di na ako mahirapan maghanap ng instructor...nyahaha...feeling