Apr 27, 2005

Sinigang Success

It's really not my talent yet to cook Filipino dishes kasi my lola was an excellent cook & my tita
takes after her so I ventured experimenting my favorite dishes from restaurants mostly western dishes and most especially salads. This is the third time I cooked sinigang (my husband's favorite dish) and a first without the guidance of my tita so I was able to do what I wanted to. What made the sinigang more special was that I had to cook it after I finished doing the dishes after dinner last Monday I started at around 9:30 and finished past 12.

That includes the cooling time before I put it inside the ref...whew!I was so drained. Last night
my labor was rewarded after seeing Ryan eat for two people...hehe!That was more than a compliment already. If only I have the energy & time (of course) to prepare dishes like this he'll gain more weight than what he had in no time!

and Ryan's lunchtime saga continues:

I believe it was 2 weeks ago that I barely prepared meals at home which left Ryan "baonless" and "unloved" as his officemates would put it. The following week I was able prepare it na. His subordinates invited him for lunch..."Sir lunch na po tayo!" Ryan replied proudly: " May baon ako mahal ako ng asawa ko eh!" the poor subordinate left sulking about the fact his wife didn't prepare him packed lunch and his superior rubbing it on his face. The next day the same subordinate invited him again this time waving his packed lunch "Sir kain na po tayo may baon din ako mahal ako ng asawa ko eh" Ryan who was unaffected replied "Ah ganon ba? Mas mahal ako ng asawa ko kse andyan sya ngayon sabay kme maglulunch" Hehehe...tsk tsk!Kala pa naman nya nakabawi na sya little did he know we were having a lunch out that day...wala tlga syang laban sa magaling kong asawa...hehehe! This sounds like a wala-ka-sa-lolo-ko story noh?


there's nothing interesting with my life lately that I can broadcast about...but who knows, if there's any development with what's keeping me busy other than what you already know of
then I might be blogging about it soon.


FoXy said...

hoy dowa ... galing galing naman ng asawa mo. bakit parang i have this thinking na g plan ninyo yan? hehehe! joke lang. :D

anywayz, if ever (which likely near to impossible but anywayz) maka bt ako dyan kay patikim ng sinigang mo ha. as in yung complete with the 9:30-12:00 preparations mo. hehehe! :D

uy ... may tanong ako ... though alam ko na rin ang sagot but cge lang ... gusto ko kasi siyang tinatanong sa mga friends ko na married eh. buntis ka na? :D

~dowadee~ said...

haha!just to spite his officemates na malakas mang-asar?!

sana nga ikaw yung natuloy mag-BT dito libre pa naman lately weekends ko pwede tayong magpasyal pasyal pag nagpunta k! ipagluluto kita ng sinigang pero weekend ko na lulutuin this time!

roovin said...

hmmm...ano kayang klasend sinigang yun? 2.5 hours? baka naman nilaga na yun??? hehehe :) Patikim nalng para mas malaman natin kung pasado na nga (im sure pasadong-pasado kasi dami nakain ni Ryan e).

So what's ur next cooking challenge? How about, pochero? Naku, baka abutin ka ng dalawang araw nyan?? hehehe :)

Mathew Hanger said...

"Mas mahal ako ng asawa ko kse andyan sya ngayon sabay kme maglulunch" .... that was so mushy....but sweet... lol! Ganun na ba talaga buhay may asawa. Parang nakakapanibago mga friends ko...

~dowadee~ said...

Roovin! Buti na lng di nya type ang pochero kse mas madami pang gagayatin yun kse sa sinigang...malamh 5 hours prep yun!hehe!

Resty!Umm...khit naman magBF & GF mushy eh.dapat tlga mainlove ka na!sobra kang workaholic..huli kong balita sa lovelife mo si Aileen pa nung HS..hhehehe!peace!

starfish said...

Nakakainis kayong mag asawa, masayado kayong sweet. My wife read your blogs and now she's comparing me to your husband. nakaka pressure ito ha!!!

Mathew Hanger said...

Lol! Nainlove naman ako. But a long time ago na rin. Anyways, asan na si wonder woman. I'm waiting for new posts..

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