Apr 19, 2005

Darna becomes Narda

New flash! I'm NOT busy! I'm enjoying every minute of life's small strides as opposed to my usual double skip & run pace!

I'm in a better mood and I think clearer...=) I was able to clean up my table in the office!! Dirt was already settling (good thing wala pang 5S Audit).

This morning I was able to cook breakfast for everybody (my cousin, brother, sister in law, aunt & of course hubby & me) and I was able to prepare our packed lunch. Ryan's officemates were teasing him that his wife doesn't love him anymore because he has no more baons. They have a hypothesis na love ka ng wife mo if she sends you baon everyday and based on experience I suppose – it doesn’t last that long, nagsasawa din si misis magayos ng pabaon. They started noticing and teasing Ryan when he was frequently joining them for lunch outs ...Though I normally don't care what other people say about me I am bothered by the fact that my hectic schedule did not allow me to take care of my husband the way I used to. To add to the list I was able to blow-dry my hair (na bagong gupit!). At the cab on the way to the office I was able to apply some make-up na na normally after lunch ko na nagagawa sa kakamadali.......

Last night, we hanged out at Coffee Beans with one of our friends just chatting; which Ry & I continued in such high spirits at home. Yung tipong kwentuhan about anything under the sun without having to worry about anything. It suddenly hit me that I was like this before especially nung di pa kme mag-asawa...so I asked him: "Miss mo na ba na ganito ako" then he said "Oo kse kaya nga I married you kse you were so fun to be with eh ngayon lagi ako natutulog magisa at walang ka-hug" although he said afterwards that he was just teasing me and he's okay with it he even added "dati kse all you talk about is kailangan ko pa mag-aral..." (then I would sleep late kaya wala syang ka-hug).

Hayy naku what did I do to myself? Life is so much fun like this? Kse naman hirap ng tri-sem eh! Or do I just really feel it because I'm done with my major tasks na rin sa office? Whatever it is I love my schedule how can I make it more like this without giving up the things that I want to achieve? Oh well no room for serious thoughts muna...basta this week and hopefully for a longer time before I go back to school I am not a "wonder woman" trying to do everything at the same time...I'm just an ordinary girl!


abieco said...

Ako rin! My workload is lighter now and i can spend hours just chatting with Rey.

I just plan to enjoy these easy days and wish that the fun memories would tide us over the busier days.

As for wanting to achieve things and yet wanting to spend more time with our hubbies, I guess we need to remember that they also married us because we are ambitious and we know what we want and we know how to get what we want. So there's no sense giving up on our dreams just to make our hubbies happy.

Yaiks, I'm sounding too preachy.

~dowadee~ said...

abie! you hit the target and sometimes ryan is really the one pa who pushes me to study instead of cook...fastfood ang katapat..hehe!
i like what you said about the fun memories--the busy scheds just makes me yearn for it. =D aargh!

louie said...

i'm happy for you dowadee... :)

~dowadee~ said...

hey louie!
I wasn't sure if if was you before...hehehe!now I can visit your site more often and I will add you link here. =)

Mathew Hanger said...

di ako makarelate sa buhay may asawa. Lol!