Apr 1, 2005

my brother's room

Sleepless nights are back! Rushing the outline of 2 articles which will be discussed tonight...dapat nga 3 articles dahil may utang pa ako last meeting namin..hehe!

Anyways sideways been toiling over this for the past days and last Wednesday I studied at the living room. Ryan was trying to keep me company even if he was feeling so dizzy already. So I urged him to go to sleep and not wait for me anymore..then when I finally decided I had enough I went upstairs to our room and saw Ryan sound asleep and a note by the lamp of our bed saying:
"Hi mahal!See you tomorrow! Good night! I love you-->(smiley pa itong letter
"u")! Please hug me tight..."

Aawww that really really really melted my heart. I'm used to Ryan being so
sweet and all but receiving a simple but sweet nothings from him unexpectedly, eased
up my very tired brain. Of course I gave him that tight hug he's requesting (not that he needed to) + a grateful kiss which he did not know of anymore.

Then, last night, I had to type the outline so I used my brother's PC. I was in his room and I asked Ryan to link the laptop to it because I had a partial outline there already. After that, Ryan did not leave my side anymore..again hours later I told him to go ahead and sleep already. He did not transfer which was a big help because I had a feeling if he left me I won't finish any work having a very enticing bed by my side. Hehe...Around 12:00 AM I had no energy to think nor type I laid down beside Ryan and slept a little...since I was in a new environment di naman ako nahimbing sa pagtulog add to the fact that Ryan almost occupied the space of the bed (hehe!). I was up by 2:30 am..slept again and woke up around 4:30 to continue my work.

Over breakfast, Ryan & I shared the same opinion Reu's room was very comfy..even if it was smaller than our room since wala sya sa roadside -- hindi maingay at maalikabok! Plus yung sun pa not glaring sa face mo paggising..haay! Ryan & I both agreed that we want the room minus all my late grandfather's stuff cluttered in it. Habang wala si Reu (he's in BiƱan) we're planning of sleeping there...hehe!As long as all the sheets are new! So tonight I will change it para dun kme matulog. We're just worried if we ask Reu for a trade he will agree only if we leave our TV set in the room. aba aba! The only thing that’s holding me back are the loads of stuff in my brother’s room. Something not visible sa room namin since we cleaned before the wedding for months!!Truck truck yata ng basura anag naitapon namin!Inclulding 3 old tv sets. I’m from a family of hoarders…lola ko fabrics (as in retaso ha!when she was alive she creates so many pretty things from it like jewelry boxes), lolo ko documents and clippings…grabe! Yun lng! Kaya as much as possible si “tapon na ito” girl ako…

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