Jul 14, 2016

Talk it over

After several rushing about to settle in the new work, find the right car, move-out of our sponsor's house to move-in to our apartment, buy the things we needed fix and and get on with our lives. It was easy to fall into the cracks of annoyance, irritation and most of all frustration. I believe that reaction was the only appropriate one. However when the dust (kinda) settled and dear hubby got more sleep and the daily pace was way slower then we had a chance to trash out how we both feel.

It felt good after. Honest to goodness talking. No blaming or shaming just this is how I feel, felt or thought. The more open you are to each other helps A LOT. Life is still not fine & dandy. There are still a lot to criticize about like one that really irritated me is the walk-in clinic didn't accept walk-in as early as 2:30pm and they close at 6pm. Since Ate's fever doesn't want to subside we had to take her again the following day this time after my work at past 4pm and we were the last patient to be seen at 6pm. Turns out the doctor was alone the other day and that he was already taking 100+ patients that day and it was too much. He went on to explain that if its kids and they do need the attention he will consider just tell the receptionist. I guess in this adjustment phase we have to be more tolerant than usual to the different things/process/way of life. This is our life now so we have to make the most out of it. I am grateful to have a partner who through all life's bumps in the road that we come unfettered and we always come back to each others loving and understanding arms. That's saying a lot because if you are so pissed off with each other it's hard to remember that. :)

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