Jan 31, 2011

Fun birthday!2011

It was a fun and relaxing birthday.
Hubby & I filed for a leave and the whole family went to Genting Highlands. This time around we stayed overnight. It was sooooo cold and as usual Iaree enjoyed the rides. It's nice to visit the place on a weekday when the queue is not so long so you do not get bored of waiting until the excitement simply dies. In just a few hours we have completed all the indoor rides. :)
Lovely weather except that such weather means the outdoor theme park is closed. I was not aware the location of our hotel was beside the closed outdoor theme park where it's sooo cold & chilly for you to reach the hotel itself. Brrr...

The next day, my mom had a few tantrums which was hard to figure out what she wants at first and making me feel she doesn't want to be there. In the end I think whatever she does she just don't want to do it alone (even if it means with my daughter). At first so she wont be bored we told her we'll buy tickets for her so she can go ride with Iaree though she agreed she wasn't too happy about going and was having high pitched irritated tone in her voice when asking questions so ok maybe she wants to go around I thought and doesn't want to be stuck with Iaree. When we let Iaree go for the rides herself (minus the ones she need companion) Ryan & I were watching over her so did mama then I thought she wanted to go around so I told her we'll watch over Iaree and she go where she wants. But no she also stuck around not sitting unless we sit or not checking out stores unless I do. Oh well minor glitch and normal mama tantrum.

We were supposed to stay for another night but with our situation that only Iaree is having activities and we are all watching her doesn't look like something else to do on a 3rd day. So we just thought we'll reserve that for later maybe when we have guests or we are so bored or feeling hot at home. We only drove by the way because a lot of bus drivers were on leave and the bus schedule is so limited. It wasn't so bad (hahaha says the passenger) I mean the travel took about an hour or less although cost wise with the petrol, toll fees & cable car return tickets it's more cost efficient to take the bus (which is at RM 9.60 / per person / way) cable car cost (RM 5 / per person / way) so go figure.

After lunch Iaree was so tired we decided to head back home. Since I can't cook a meal once we got home (all food are still frozen - very good excuse to dine out) we headed off to Betty's Midwest kitchen for an all-american dinner which we really enjoyed. We had a great family time :)

Down side Sunday I was having fever and was throwing up. If my manager's/client will not be on long leaves starting Tuesday I will not force myself to come to work today.

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