Feb 14, 2011

The "list"

As teenagers, we would come up with an ideal picture of a future boyfriend/girlfriend and maybe eventually a spouse. Inspired with the celebrity crushes and for my case the heroes in the romance novels that I was reading. Some experts say we even start this earlier in childhood where all the fairy tales have a "and they lived happily ever ever" ending.

The "list" or criteria never changed for me over the time as I grew up. Typical handsome, intelligent, nice and well-to-do guy. Some of my friend's list even tend to be more specific and longer...hehehe. But there were also times that I was so blinded when I meet someone that I don't even bother with the criteria or lists. Just with the feeling it gives me to have that "shower of attention". In retrospect after crying a bucket of tears too) "ooohhh we didn't even have a proper intelligent conversation or we don't even like the same things, etc".

So while some "settle" and some stick to the list doesn't all the time translate to finding "the one". It's not exactly something that predicts success rate in marriage either. I just got into this chain of thought because of the arranged marriage that some cultures still adhere to and some people have to suffer to comply to the rules of society.

Proud to say though, as hubby and I both agree, with God's will we really met each other at the right time and place. Had it been otherwise we don't think we'd hit it off. Which will be too bad because he had so many qualities that were not even on my "imaginary list". (no I really don't have one my close friends can confirm that) I am lucky to be blessed to be offered with more than I can expect - good & bad (hehe just kiddin' sweetie). So for my partner in life, bestfriend and guy who scraps the whole list thing...Thank God I found you.HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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