Jun 28, 2011

Baby Liezl - my second pregnancy story (Part 1)

We've been wanting to have a second baby so the age gap of Iaree and her sibling will be just right. We wanted Iaree to be big enough to be independent and understand things. Financially speaking we were really aiming for the regularization from my company as it was promised to me a year back(this is for better maternity coverage) however there seemed to be no clarity on this so we gave it a go.

We got the good news that I am expecting November 2010! It was such a delight for all of us and Iaree was the 1st we told..she was so excited she thought the baby will come out instantly from the time we told her. From then on she learned about the word "ATE" and refused to be the "baby Iaree" we fondly call her. She became very protective of me & my tummy. Always volunteering to take care of me when I am throwing up or simply not feeling well. We can't be more proud of her really. This made me & Ryan all the more excited with our new addition.

The pregnancy was a bit tougher I threw up more often and can't take food as much as when I was pregnant with Iaree. I had to avoid a lot of fruits..unlike with Iaree I can take almost anything. Then in the middle I also got soooo sick that I had to take antibiotics. I never had to with Iaree so I was soo scared. With a toddler in tow, a hectic job & feelings like this it was a whole new experience for me that wasn't so welcoming I was starting to think did I age that much to be pregnant again?

Completed the 5th month and the "morning sickness" came less to a point I thought it was gone. But I spoke too soon..I did have it less often but up to the 7th month I was still throwing up and having nauseous bouts.

Imagine my delight for food after the 7th month not to mention the work stress level kept on increasing...with no career progression or regularization in sight. I always had food on my table and I eat desserts like crazy after lunch breaks. Hahahaha. Just between my 34-36 week of pregnancy I gained about 3-4 KG and Baby Liezl from 2.8 something became 3.1!!!!So doctor said..okay baby's ready to come out anytime..hahahaa. I was put on diet just to be sure. First week of diet, weight maintained but the baby still gained. Second & 3rd week of diet I was losing weight the baby's was constant. Or so we thought...then contractions I had...

I think I started having contractions 35th week. I read somewhere it can be stress contractions too. Must be due to work. Hmp! We have sent mixed signals to our bosses especially for Ryan who is working in the faraway land of Cyberjaya where it's not practical to bring the car everyday. He's at the mercy of the bus schedule so he had to inform his boss every time there's a possibility of me delivering. People were always waiting for baby to come out that after a few weeks the questions that Ryan & I are both getting were - "you're still here?" or "baby is not out yet?" because despite the early warnings signs the baby just felt cozy inside my tummy and stayed on. And Ryan really made me diet and walk ok. We park at the other side of 1 Utama mall and my office is at the other far end (for my friends in the Phil - imagine Greenbelt 5 to SM). He used to pick me up at the lobby of our office but not this time.

There was this Friday on my 37-38 week of pregnancy that we really thought this is it. The contractions were 10 mins apart and very very painful. We decided to go to the hospital but in the car the contractions were gone. Ryan said just try to walk it out in the hospital. But even after an hour of walking around the contractions didn't return as painful or as frequent. Besides if I do deliver that night I am so tired from all the walking.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the story. Birthing time!

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