Jan 21, 2011

Iaree's surprising little ways

I have always been moved that at the peak of my "morning-noon & night sickness" Iaree is such a caring little girl. Every time she sees that I am not feeling well she will stay beside me and say "Mommy I will take care of you and the baby". There was a time I called at home and when I spoke to her she immediately said "Mommy are you feeling better now?".

Yesterday I was just being lazy to open up her still unpacked toys (from our move) and she wants me to open it. So I told her we need to clean up first then I left her...waah few minutes later she was calling out to me "Mommy I already cleaned up!" And cleaned up she did, there were no toys on the floor and the toys are properly put back to where they belong if there's enough space. So this weekend I hope to buy more cabinets for her other displaced toys so she can arrange it accordingly and so we can easily classify the baby safe toys from not and keep them for a while when the baby starts crawling and eating everything.

She had been sleeping with lola for 2 days now because daddy is so sick. Daddy was supposed to sleep out of the room but because we are night-time potty training Iaree difficult for me to carry her briskly to the toilet in the mid hours of the night. It's actually daddy & mommy having separation anxiety on this. The 1st night I keep waking up and hearing daddy's horrible coughing I decided against getting her from lola's room. So I resorted to hugging the pooh stuff toy :(. Then last night Ryan was protesting against letting her sleep with lola again whereas Iaree nicely said good night to us without any qualms.

Iaree is indeed growing up fast but we are proud parents of a smart, caring, sweet & sensitive girl who just have the right amount of stubbornness and kakulitan right for her age.


Salina Inzaghi said...

such a nice story to read :)

~dowadee~ said...

hey nani thanks. what's up with u?

Salina Inzaghi said...

thinking positive thoughts only, dowa...really hope this time everything will turn out fine