Jan 17, 2011

Yaya hunt..errr..bringing yaya over to Malaysia

Well although the advantage for us is we have quite a few number of applicants eager to work abroad buttttttt the POEA requirement is a torture!!!

When we came here in 2006 expats like us can process our own helpers directly in the immigration and they will have a legal working visa. Now thanks to Philippine requirements unless the helper have a POEA membership. POEA membership which by the way cannot be simply be applied on your own but should be via agency who charges hundreds & hundreds of peso good enough for down-payment for a more worthy investment. Then POEA wonders why there are many illegal workers??!!!

Here we are ordinary citizens who are working for a living and just need someone to take care of our children. We are providing a good and legal employment to other Filipinos who are also aiming for a better future for their families and yet they don't acknowledge that. I mean the POEA can be all protective and stuff but as we are OFW's ourselves they should at least consider that we cannot simply afford the outrageous agency fees (which by the way requires us to get an agency in the Philippines and an agency in Malaysia).

So frustrated..I hope I find out how to solve this or else I would have to think of alternative ways for child care :( which I really hope not to especially we are in a foreign land. And we really do prefer a Filipino maid who we can easily communicate with.

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