Mar 2, 2005

picket fences & coffee tables

One of the things I love most about being married is -- having a social life again. Before, my world evolved at work, Ryan and my family. I can't stay out too late for gimiks since Ryan will wait for me to take me home at Makati then he will go back to his boarding house in...drum roll please! Kamuning Quezon City!Added to the fact that I really love spending time and I'd rather go out with him, I am friends with people who have no social life as well. Ay sus!

Nowadays my so-called social life consists of meeting (not EB's anymore) my married friends (who we met while preparing for our wedding), sports activities (hehe..feeling active) and going out with my old friends.
I can do all this plus go to school, stay late in the office, late night dates because Ryan and I live in the same house anyway. (yey!to the max!)

Feeling so stressed out about "my beastfriend" here I thought I needed a break. Luckily, Ryan is in a company where his officemates have very active social lives too. In short, I can go out as often as he does without me feeling guilty that he's either at the office or at home waiting for me and missing me.

Last night I went out with Grace while Ryan had dinner with his officemates c/o their generous company president.

Grace is our neighbor in Biñan. She literally leaves next door. She & Elaine (another neighbor) just graduated and got employed at banks here at Makati CBD. (Yes they are 5 years younger than me) I lost touch with them when I graduated from HS because I rarely go home to Biñan. The only time we see each other is every New Year as part of our tradition and this year I missed it since I have in-laws to spend holidays with. (soo cool!)

Grace and I had a nice LONG chat yesterday at none other than the ultimate-coffee-shop-meeting-place -- Starbucks. We also invited Elaine but just like the good old days when Elaine was too afraid of her lola or too lazy to cross the street to go to our houses she did not make it last night. Oh we're used to it!

Grace and I were inseparable. We spend every after school together just to chat..despite our age gap ha. We talk in the garage, by the fence, sa kitchen, sa room, sa sidecar name it kahit yata i-hang pa kme sa puno basta functional ang bibig kwentuhan galore pa din! =) Though the most memorable and most frequent would be over the fences. We love the history and retold it 3 times last night for Ryan and Jason's (her bf) sake. The fences between our houses have evolved from kawayan, kahoy, hollow blocks and wall. With every change Grace and I found means of chatting…our favorite? Grace will be sitting at their kitchen sink while I sit on the doghouse. You can just imagine how we look like back then.

And last night when we found ourselves sitting at Starbucks-- sipping coffee and devouring croissants over our life stories all dressed up, we're both wearing mascaras and lipsticks. So much has changed from picket fences to coffee tables, pajamas to business attires...but we're still good friends and we still enjoy each other's company. I smile at the thought of having such treasures..I just love it when I remember who I am that my friends have love so much especially when I'm being too hard on myself. Last night was a great night. And of course, just like before mas sumasarap ang kwentuhan kapag bye-bye time na. Poor Ryan & Jason!


jeanie said...

dowadee!si jeanie po ' kita sa blog ko.parang nakakainggit naman ang married life.sigh.sigh.

Anonymous said...

HEy Best! Thanks a lot for being the official newspaper of my lovelife... grabe as if naman i have lots of "EX", please let them know that I had only one... okay!!!! Well, I pray that you will really get to know the man Im going to spend the rest of my life with soon, but since we're sumkinda of a far far far away baka sa wedding day ko na lang mo siya ma meet!!! Don't worry I am claiming that HE is God's answer in my prayersss so for sure na talaga ito!!! Kaya naman pala di ka na mareach super busy ka sa "social life" mo!!! Anyways hoping for the BEst things to come ur way and ryan!!!! God blessss.