Feb 28, 2005

Shut up!

I’m really really at the verge of throwing something at her face if she doesn't stop. I feel that i haven't done anything wrong to piss her off or make her treat me like this.
She is soooo irritating but i have nobody to vent this to because after the betrayal I’m not so sure if people around me are friends or foes. I’m not usually this paranoid actually I’m the exact opposite…i trust easily and open up easily. So silence is really driving me crazy. She is driving me crazy.
I don't want to burden Ryan of my petty problems besides I can almost hear the same words he tells me everytime i vent about her. "Pabayaan mo na inggit lng yan" Inggit or not I think I deserve a fair treatment.
I am nice to her difficult as it is. She left me no choice but to bottle up my anger because before the situation worsened I tried confronting her but she does not want to talk things out. Please lng ha! I was the one who caught her in the act of bad-mouthing me to another girl. I said my piece about that and put it all behind me but she did not change....
Now she does not make efforts to get along with me instead she creates walls and grab every chance she has to stab me (front, back and sides!) Everyday when we talk her claws are showing.
Sometimes it's really hard to pretend something does not exist when it's right in front you!


Mathew Hanger said...

lol! I second the motion. Pabayaan mo na lang. Nice to know na may blog ka din pala. Dito na lang tayo magbabalitaan. hehehehehe!

Anonymous said...

hi dowadee! :) deep breathing combined with infinite patience might work! hee don't let her bother you too much. people who make a habit of stabbing other people in the back live miserable, insecure lives...so don't worry about it. you don't have to be nice to her. just be civil :P


FoXy said...

DOWA ... musta ka naman dyan girl? I missed you na so much. dami mo pang utang sa akin na mga chikka ha. hehehe. =)

abieco said...

halika, ipakulam natin siya. hee.

barefoot said...

link pala kita ha?! :)

~dowadee~ said...

naka-comment na ako. for some reason naka-block sa office namin ang comment.
thanks for your comments i feel better already.as in napapasmile ako kahit na..oh well

resty: thanks!true ka dyan mukha dito nga tayo makakabalitaan. i've been wanting to leave a comment sa blog mo. hi mo na lang ako kay ate!

favel:sure ni-link nga kita without your permission eh..hehe!

jan: oh di ba naka-comment na ako.lusot sa net ad. miss na din kita!

abie: hey you found out about me blog..teehee!paki-refer nga yang mangkukulam na yan..minsan gusto na ngang lasunin.hehe!bad.

anyways!okay okay na ako..love ko na ang blog. great outlet!hehe!

Piping Pepito said...

yo dowa yo
oks lang yan!
ganyan talaga! i can't tell you not to feel otherwise... i think nasa office pa ko nung nag-explode ka talaga di ba? :)