Feb 28, 2005


one has to leave
it could be you or me
everyday i pray
everytime we clash

i want it to stop
i want to scream -- aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!
i want comfort that i'll never have to hold back again

sometimes i could just look at you
and imagine strangling you
i need to be free
redeemed from the negative energy you give me
because tomorrow i just might

nobody can change you
you're a hopeless rut
sometimes i pity you you're not lucky in life nor in love
but with that attitude maybe its what you deserve

i tried so many times to ignore you
forgive you for the things you are not aware you do
but you do it on purpose even if i try to be nice to you

but i'd rather be here than there
in the company of true friends
in the security of a loving husbandwith a life you so envy of… haha!

but i still loathe you and one has to leave

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