Mar 8, 2005

temporarily out of service

no blogs this week
except for this one....
I can't believe that I almost published 2 entries already (on separate occasions) but failed to do so after attempting to copy paste all of it to notepad, it got deleted here. sheesh!

I've been scribbling blog entries on my notebook, typed it and failed to post it because of the mishap. Kaasar!

Anywayzz, I feel like I'm Wonder Woman once again juggling recruitment & payroll at the office(as in tambak to the nth power), 2 concept papers, a test & a report at school, badminton game with Ryan and other friends, so many things I have to attend to at home, our new clients for our coordination business...all in one week. Oh well at least I get to sleep unlike our engineers here..(special mention to gloi!buddy!hello!matulog naman kayo kahit konti...)

So there. Had to squeeze this entry during lunch break and hoping I won't delete it this time.


-=gloriecar=- said...

hehehe... mas sanay na ata akong nde natutulog eh... naku, buddy eto ang kinakatakutan ko.. baka dahil sa kaka-OT ko, tumandang dalaga ako... huhuhu... haayy... anyway, unahin ko muna tulog bago boypren! =P

Mathew Hanger said...

buti ikaw may time pang magblog. Hope to update mine soon.