Mar 18, 2005

My sched this week

Sunday: a very eventful day for Ryan and me <will post about it soon>, the night before (Saturday) my grandfather's brother was cremated so I practically haven't recovered from lack of sleep last week

Monday: Conduct interviewssss at work, exam at school that night (which I wasn't able to study that well) huhuhu.

Tuesday: overflow of applicants for interview as in the afternoon we interviewed 7 or 8 applicants. 4 out of 8 yata super daldal or mabagal magsalita kya the interview dragged until 7PM.

Went home early hoping to start my report for Friday (92 pages lng naman na article-que horror!) that we have to read & outline...but since I had a meeting Wed AM with our client I prioritized organizing all the things I will give to her over my report. Knock out na ako after so obviously I wasn't able to study again.

Wednesday: AM meeting with our client at Mla.Pen. Ang magaling na AE! late ng 1 hr. so there halfday na nga ako late pa ako...hmp! after office pre-production meeting for the wedding of our client this Sat & other matters about our coordination business

Thursday: Catching up with other office works na natambak because of the non-stop interviews & deliberation of interview results. After office went out with Abie to buy back-up uniform for Saturday wedding just in case our custom made uniforms wont fit. Ay it's so pretty...ini-spoiled pa ako ni Ryan and urged me to buy the other poncho which he wants me to wear if we go out on a date...yey! Slept last night at 11PM kse ngayon ko pa lng nasimulan report ko for Friday!!gosh! Woke up at 3AM to continue...sobrang di kinaya ng powers feel asleep 5:30AM and woke up again ng 6:30 to take a bath

Friday: Ayan na year end reports dito sa office sinimulan ko na...I have to leave the office before lunch. Advising namin ngayon sa school (a requirement for enrollment) and I have to finsh my report sa for my class tonight...gudluck sa akin!

Saturday: I have to wake up early as in we have to be at the bride's hotel before 7am.

Sunday: I have to review for a test on monday


Okay let's not talk about my sched next week. It may ba a long vacation for most of you and I don't think I can say the same...... =( Ryan's sched is pretty tight too he has work on Black Saturday & Easter Sunday. Plus a social obligation kse baptism ng son ng bestfriend nya. Nevertheless we won't forget our obligations to God so WE WILL TAKE A BREAK & REPENT! I'm afraid lng that Ryan will say punta tayo sa Pampanga kse I want to go home to Biñan too...magkabilang dulo ng mundo. Ayoko nang magpagod dito na lng kme sa Makati. =(


FoXy said...

superwoman, kaya mo yan. gud luk girl. know u can handle all of those. if you want, share a load tayo ... as if din naman pwd. hahaha. :D

keep smiling girl. :D

jeanie said...

ikaw na ngayon sa dowa, ang babaeng walang pahinga...kaya mo yan...isipin mo pag nagka-baby na kayo...naku na...

dang said...

hi dowa! finally nakavisit din ako sa blog least ma update ako sa yo! take it easy my dear!

starfish said...

we're in binan now! got a deal with noreen. maundy thursday and good friday in paranaque then black saturday and easter in binan. how's it been with you two?

~dowadee~ said...

JAN,JEANIE & DANG! Salamatss sa moral support...=D nagkasakit ako trying to save the world este doing so many things pala.

Dang: I'm so happy we're in touch again!Take lotsa care malapit ka na!

James: Di na ako nagpakita sa mga tao sa Biñan ang kukulit eh