Mar 23, 2017

Packed Lunch

Packed lunch here in Canada is an extra challenge for me it's nut free ( no nutella sandwiches) and fish free( no tuna and sardines) so forgive me if I cant help but smile as I was putting away the left over dinner Ate said "Mommy there's still mashed potato can I have it for baon please?" And I said ok also bring these green beans and she was ok we were just worried the volume might not be enough to fill her up. Then I asked bunso what she wants and she happily replied "Anything youstill have over there mom just add strawberries please" I told her that Ate is already bringing the left over mashed potato and she was fine with it which meant she was thinking of the left over chili. Too bad the weather wont permit that it won't keep warm so I told her she can't. So she said "Oh ok anything then"

Yup one happy mommy here that my kids eat vegetables and fruit!

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