Mar 24, 2017

At last...I am finally back on a PONY

Talk about baby steps.

A lot of people compliment me & hubby that we are in our respective fields (IT & HR) immediately as our first job in landing. It is a known fact (due to my incessant whining to close friends & this blog) however that my work (or lack thereof) is killing me to boredom. I am not being arrogant here to say that everything that I am doing is something I can do in my sleep that is why my turn-around time is in a SNAP leaving me with plenty of empty hours in the office. I do not think the job is beneath me but I do not see my value add to the organization.

My manager is not very keen in exploring aspects of me developing training for the employees nor is employee engagement (or employee events at the minimum) is in our umbrella. Those who know me very well will find it weird that I got excited I would have to cover for the payroll supervisor for 1 month while he goes on leave. Which means I have been doing payroll for the past few weeks now and was really excited about it. Of course when the novelty wore off I found myself wondering why I became a math teacher as (I kid you not!) 60% of the time sheets they employees/managers computed wrongly!!!Calculators people!!!So yes my job became basic 1+1 checking the papers before I can enter in the system! Absolutely not living the dream!! LOL

Anyway what I am seriously excited about this time is I got a training request from a manager for basic MS Office. I told her that since we are non-profit org why don't I do the training myself. I know MS Office is not my area of expertise but I am banking on myself being an advance user and with (hopefully still) good facilitation skills. So I got it and another Director approached me for the same request. So yes I am back on the pony for now just to make sure I can still get back on the horse later. Yey!

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