Feb 28, 2017

Parenting Scores

It's amazing when you feel you are doing something right for something that you have been so exhausted in doing and driving you nuts.

The past few weeks hubby & I were plain exhausted. I even asked him if I can hand in my resignation papers from being a mom and he said he had been thinking of the same thing too. The kids are pushing our limits and we haven't really had much of "self-care regimen" to keep us sane. Over the weekend however we told them to dress up for church and they came out of their room all dress up with matching clothes and announcing that they are getting along so well. There were a few minutes of bickering during the day but not so bad to that was a triumph. Last night we sent them to bed at 8PM after brushing their teeth and all (same as every other night) at around 8:30 PM their lights were off and we heard them saying their prayers together for the first time without us. It was a lovely prayer made more special as it was their own initiative. We can't help but smile and stand up to bid them goodnight again. Usually putting them to bed and the actual sleeping is a big struggle. Despite ushering them to bed at 8 - 8:30 they mostly end up asleep by 9:30 PM the earliest. So yey to me & Ryan! Parenting is really hard but the nuggets of moments you get a peak of the person you hope they will be is so rewarding! Don't get me wrong our apartment is still a chaos of mess.

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