Sep 5, 2006


Out of curiosity I sent an email to the person who posted an opening for Network Administrator in Athens, Greece in my HR egroup. The qualifications fits Ryan very well so I emailed him without Ryan's permission (hehe!last hope to go to Europe dahil di type ni Ryan even if we can afford to daw). The next day he replied asking us to call a number so that's when I told Ryan. It was also mentioned in the email that they will pay $750-800 plus housing. Who knows if the $750 is per day di ba. Ryan called the guy up last night and I was already frowning when I heard him say "Are you sure bio-data po?". I can't hold my laughter anymore when he went on explaining to the other person why it would be beneficial for the employer if he just sends his CV. Yes, that includes detailing the content of a CV.

We were having dinner and the guy texted him an email address where is supposed to send his "bio-data" > nameofperson@somewhere Ryan texted back to make sure (actually to correct tlga) -- "you mean sir". The guy replied "hindi walang .com" Hala!Di na kme nagdalawang isip we're not sending his CV este "bio-data" nga pala.

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