Jan 20, 2006

Stolen Shot

Background music:...pretty woman walking down the street..pretty woman..

Yes! Stolen shot yan alangan naman magposing-posing pa ako while crossing the street eh di nasagasaan ako da vah?!. I'm just a happy-walker..hehehe. Actually I'm posting this because this might be the last picture/evidence you will see me sane.

How timely I'm studying psychopathology and I feel I'll be diagnosing myself with a disorder listed in the DSM-IV anytime soon. I need an outlet!! Healthy outlet ba ang studies ko if all our 2-chapter-thick-readings per subject are so full of medical jargon that I have to look up and visualize before I could connect with mental disorder or behavior?? I'm not just talking about simple anatomy or biological traces here ha...the intricacies of it pa. Then again I'm just fooling myself that this is what's bothering me. Forgive the incoherence of this post.. yaiks symptoms na ito ng cognitive dysfunction!waaah!


starfish said...

you're weird... hehehe at sino naman ang kumuha nyan? MAPSA?

~dowadee~ said...

nope MMDA para sa isang billboard sa EDSA. "Walang tawirang nakakamatay". =D