Jan 29, 2006

Pag walang maisulat sa paper mag-emote na lng...

Life's about choices you just have to deal with the consequences.

I'm thinking about that while I'm stuck with my paper due tomorrow. Imagine paying for high tuition fees for a subject that you don't get to meet with your professor but you're supposed to submit a weekly paper (via email) that summarizes two articles/journals/chapter of the book..whatever. You also have to give a critique and a reaction. If only she didn't specify that "finding the article too boring" doesn't count as a reaction, my "reactions" in the paper will be longer than what she's asking for. AAArrrgh!!Really... I asked my classmates if they're learning something from this and you can probably guess their response.

Of course life is about choices but I couldn't and wouldn't dare fail this last subject for my masters.


FoXy said...

hala amazing ... congrats daan. :D

p.s. natuwa talaga ako pic mo yung naglalakad ka sa dalan. hehehe ... buti walang humingi ng autograph mo pagkita nila may kumuha ng picture mo ... hahaha. :)

~dowadee~ said...


Jan mukhang nilibot mo na ang bawat iskinita ng Japan. Pasalubong ko ha! =) miss you!