Sep 6, 2005


I felt my energy escape me after our weekly operations meeting (with all the decision makers of our company – President & Directors, ako lng saling ket).
Maybe because before so I finished 10,000 tasks and was even late trying to fix what our messenger was supposed to send to our mother company. Aaarggh! Did you ever had the feeling that there are so many things to do you don’t know where to start?

So I’d rather stop before I intoxicate myself and mess up what I’m supposed to do…anyway I was able to meet my objectives for the day….with an hour to go I’ll just update my blog & bloghop…sssshhh….as far as I know none of my officemates are aware of my blog. Hmmm…anyway I think it’s pretty convincing that I’m busy, having the piles & piles & piles of paperssssss at my desk.

Nuninuninu…I’ve become the HR I was afraid I’d turned into for the first time in my career binarat ko yung new hire. Sa bait nya he didn’t complain or contested my offer (as in it was my idea to give him such rate) but I made his immediate superior promise to give him a raise upon regularization. Still feeling guilty though….ano kaya ang words of wisdom ni hubby later??

And another first--we might not regularize an employee….yaiks! With great power comes great responsibility the more I climb up the ranks the tougher decisions I need to make. Ayoko yata...ngeee.

In the middle of my thoughts my phone rang (btw: peeps I have a new mobile number which I haven’t updated everybody of, gulat na lng kayo receiving a call from an unknown # eh malamang ako na un.) Going back to the phone call….

Ging: Hi Dowa! Sorry pero 7:30 na start ng meeting natin later..
Dowa: Okay! Magiikot muna ako...
Ging: So si Abie nasabihan mo na about our meeting??
Dowa: Huh?! (pop! Nwala ang lahat ng paglalakbay ng aking isip) Ay s*** sorry! I forgot!!
Ging: Hahaha!Cge okay lng..blah blah blah!

*tama ba yun i-nonotify ko si Abie about our meeting a few hours bad!

Sana meeting na with my friends kahit seryosohan ito …mas gusto ko na lng dumaldal kesa magisip ng mga bagay na may kabuluhan (like my work)…hehehe obviously!


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aneshka said...


I guess ok na yung blog mo dahil may bago ka ng entry. Saan ka naba nagwo-work ngayon?