Jun 7, 2005


I Can’t wait to do:

I'm always absent..grabe last week M-W-F ako naka-leave!haha!Marathon job applications and not to mention I'm so lazy to go to work that I'd rather do other things.hehehe. Here goes...

1. Sleep a lot and be lazy at home

2. Watch TV especially hallmark kse naman afternoon magaganda ang shows or if I'll be able to burn tv series from the office now is the time to watch endlessly.

3. Finally choose the pictures for our wedding album (yes..wala pa until now and it's all our fault)

4. Finish my wedding kwento for Matus Jewelry website. Sobrang hiyang hiya na ako kina Alaine & Maye they really deserve plenty of credits for being a good supplier and good friends.

5. Sideline c/o Abie (thanks sis!bawi na ang bonus na mamimiss ko because I resigned before pa marelease)

6. Prepare & plan good dishes everyday nang hindi natataranta

7. Relaxed and not harassed after office ni Ryan para this time he has all the right to be and I'll take care of him.

8. Really really clean the room and organize and transfer all my books and documents from my old room pa. hahaha!

9. Find my passport? haha!as if..........asa pa ako!

10. Oh and I almost forgot!>>dedicate more time for my studies..haha! oo nga pala…sheesh.

pang less than a month things to do ba ito? Hmmm…..baka mawili ako!

Will surely miss:

these made it tough for me to let go of my job (akalain mo meron pala?!hehe!joke!)

1. ang mga friendship (syempre pa!). I give out a "mataray" first impression to everybody and I must say that making them see I'm not was something hard earned. Starting to get sentimental na nga being apart from them. sobrang nice kse tlga ng mga friends ko even from engineering department sila or even yung from Cebu.

2. The staff. We had our ups & downs but i undeniably love them because they have been with me through it all. They may not be my best friends and I would've love to have them open up to me more but nonetheless they will always have a special place in my heart.

3. Gail's crazy antics. This girl definitely cracks me up. She's one hell of a crazy girl that we decided to compile all her bloopers. We just can't document everything because we get so carried away laughing at it. She was my batchmate as in tandem na kme ever since and we have a nickname - they call us sitsiritsit...hehe!long story.

4. Cebu staff. I haven't even seen them in person... pero para ko silang phonepals ever. I will surely miss them, some of them already left but we'll always have a special bond. Relate kme ever sa experiences and even if we are literally phonepals lng they opened up to me more than I thought I deserved to know. Sobrang sad din ako and they just found out a few days ago. Even the new HR Staff there is getting sentimental over me leaving.

5. The updated tv shows in the office. Paano na ang noontime habit ko?Waah!

6. Mang Erning forever. I'm so fond of our company driver despite his stubborness that I personally chose him to drive for us on our wedding day. Of course he was treated as a guest din. Fave ko tlga si Mang Erning. =)

7. Mga super cool-eet na seniors. I never thought there are supervisors and managers who can be so cool and super kulit at the same time at feeling barkada ko sila. Learned a lot from them and I know dito lng matatagpuan na lahat tlga are so easy to relate to.

8. Birthday treats for the whole office. (Need I say more?)

Oh well...guess if I start getting teary eyed missing all of these then I should toughen myself up and look forward to the next company I'll be joining and hopefully it will pave a brighter future for me and our future family. =)


-=gloriecar=- said...

ei, buddy!
i'm gonna miss you... and i admire what u said in ur month-ender blog. (*clap-clap w/ standing ovation*) basta, 'wag mo kaming kakalimutan ha?! good luck sa next career mo and keep on blogging para may updates kami sa yo! saka na ko magbye-bye pag andyan na ko. hehehe...
fly high, Wonder Woman! God bless! =D

Mathew Hanger said...

i think masarap feeling ng parang starting all over again and having so much time for yourself. malapit na rin mangyari saken soon. sana...

starfish said...

malayan ka na rin?!! hahaha! pareho na tayong alipin ng mga yuchengco!