Jun 17, 2005

I'm gone...hopefully not forgetten

For somebody who was about to leave the company the work did not seem to end. Until my last day at work I can't accomplish what I planned to do so. Of course my tonsillitis, colds and cough wasn't really helping me reach my objectives and I simply wanted to leave and be gone (in short nakakatamad na tlga..hehehe).

Ironically I was getting anxious and having a bad case of separation anxiety which I thought I'll never have considering my reason for resigning but that can't be helped if I am surrounded with people who are really really nice. When I think of it, their nice personality and kindness floods over what causes my stress in the office but hey I'm just human and I believe that too much stress will kill me so why wait.

Also being able to talk things out with The B when she came over. At the start of the conversation I was getting disappointed because we were dwelling on the same issue however as it progressed I agreed that it's still important to clean the air and look back with fond memories to share and not the bitterness. I was contemplating on apologizing myself but if I have hurt her in the process then I at least owe her that.

In the last few days I realized that I loved the company and have so many good things to say about it then again bigger credit goes to the wonderful friends I have met there.

I have no regrets. Only gratitude I cannot put into words. I was forced to say my farewell speech and like I was expecting I was mess...crying and all, I thank my bosses who contributed to my growth, to the friends I have gained despite having a position that’s most hated in all companies, to my detractors who gave my work a challenge and pushed me to the limits to reach my potentials. I was overwhelmed with the sincerity of the people everytime they walk up to me and tell me how much they will miss me. That itself was an achievement I could ask for and will inspire me to do well in the next company I’ll be joining.

I may have gone and left good people behind but I will never forget. Hopefully they won't too. =)


FoXy said...

ei dowa girl, d mo man ako binalita-an na nag last day ka na pala? sino top 5 mo? hehe ... nakig intriga ba naman.

anywayz, girl, ingatz always ha ... and keep on blogging.

at least kahit papaano ma update naman din ako sa makulay at magulong buhay ni wonder woman. hehe ... (pwd na ba pang commercial? hehehe. :D)

metzkie said...

dowa! mamimiss kita.. hehe.. ingat ka palagi and god bless! :)

beanie said...


Nakaka-touch naman ng speech mo. Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit na nag-resign. =( Sadly, wala ako sa last day mo. Hopefully we'll meet again sometime in the future.

BTW, di mo pa rin sinasagot tanong ko sa yo. ^_^

Ingatz lagi! Balitaan mo kami kung may baby ka na ha. =) hehehe...

lomarlene said...

got ya! we're really looking for this blog site of yours ;) at last benedick gave up - sa pa ngungulit ko... anywayz, i guess the the world is on your side as you've got a job in just a blink.. no more worries my dear.

Piping Pepito said...

yo dowa yo
talaga??? umiyak ka???? sayang, wasn't there to see it first-hand. waaaah!!!!
anyway, goodluck sa bago mong trabajo! :D
kaka-miss nga office no? kakamiss mga tao pero life's like that. was yakking with someone how we always left people behind as we live our lives. it saddens me to think about that, but hey! we also meet new ones along the way! :) buti ka nga eh, marami ka pa rin sigurong source ng new friends unlike me, puro foreigners... hirap makarelate rin... and very limited ang mga kasama... :D
see you!

~dowadee~ said...

jan: magkwento ka naman ng talambuhay mo sa blog mo para updated din ako.
metz:metz di mo ako mamimiss magkikita pa tayo bcoz until now I haven't returned your season 9 ba or 10 ng friends...hehehe!
ben & marlene: at magkakuntsaba pa kayo ha?yah bentoot wish ko nga you were here but I promise you we'll see ea other pa din
fred:ayan you finally discovered my blogsite!yah i cried kelan ba hindi i'm a cry baby eh