Oct 19, 2016

Bring on the Halloween 2016 fuss!

Like in every holidays, occasions, etc this year it's all FIRST for us.

So Ryan wasn't keen about Halloween - CANDIES, EXPENSE ON THE COSTUMES & COLD WEATHER. He can't comprehend the safety of the weather and the possible tons of candies not good for their teeth after. Thanks to Ate Elsie he got convinced and allowed us to shop for costumes last weekend.

Liezl was very determined with her scary witch costume so we just both a witch hat on top of a headband with spiders all around ($2), matching green gloves with spider print on top ($1.50) & table runner with spider webs - for her cape, kelangan daw kse ng web na tirahan ng spiders nya ($2). For Iaree she wanted to be a pirate...then we thought how about a bat and she loved the idea. We found a headband with black ears ($2) and we went searching for a good wings material.

After 4 shops we found a magician's cape in Dollar Tree which I can trim the bottom and will be perfect and I went shopping for makeup since they want to be "scary".

Yesterday we received a note from Liezl's school that they are not allowed to be so scary as it might frighten some of the kids so Liezl was asking daddy if they can shop for a different costume. LOL.Apparently whatever day it falls (this year its on a Monday) that's the day people celebrate it. So they will be in school and we have to be up early for me to put on their make-up. Iaree wants fake blood so I need to make a trip to the grocery so I can DIY some.

As I kept watching youtube videos on how to make halloween make-up I was getting scared myself. LOL. I obviously need to bring my A game here and shop for candies to share in their day-care & school.

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