Mar 16, 2006

Unknown (?) forces

It has to be the work of a supernatural force... paper due last monday I was only able to submit yesterday 1am. Wednesday?!It was technically Thursday already work!tons of it have many back logs
...i don't want to cook lately

I'm so tired doing lots of things yet when I lift my head after each accomplished task I have to bury it back again because it's endless. Ever watched the movie hanging up? I feel like Meg Ryan's character there...

By the way thanks Ging for off-loading me from weddings muna.

How can this be??

Just thinking out loud.
...have to start the scrapbook sideline.Dumadami di pa nasisimulan and it's all waiting in line. (just hope i have the time in the world to do it because I'm sure I'll enjoy this project)
...have to finish my last paper
...have to finish my case study on a depressed adolescent (this I'm very excited about) & an upcoming take-home finals pa pala!geez
...have to finish choosing the pictures for our wedding album and at least have the finished album before our second year anniversary...hello!Even Mel Cortez is urging me to finish it already
...have to apply for a new passport. Never replaced the lost one until it expired and I got married because I am still sentimental about the visa of my brother and I's first international travel. Don't ask where I lost it because my family and friends already stigmatized me on passports.
...have to decide what to do with my studies because I don't think I can handle two jobs (my regular one & my practicum)and this is for my next term otherwise I can't go on and finish my degree...huhuhuhu
...and of course (drum roll please) watch the last CD of Jewel in the Palace. Harharhar!Last night after I submitted my paper we attempted to start watching we didn't even get through 1 episode and had difficulty waking up this morning.

To think people still walk up to me and ask so kelan kayo magkaka-baby? Whatdda??

I'll take a break! I'll tell Ryan to take me on a date this weekend. (hahaha!demanding) I've turned him down so many times (making him miss movies that he wants to see) it might take plenty plenty of lambing! Hehehe...

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james said...

Ang hirap ng may maraming career na asawa!!! Gloria Resign!