Aug 12, 2005


It's hard to be torn if you like both of them. You know the feeling of wanting it badly and you can't choose just one? Even before I got married I knew... but reality kicks in...I couldn't have it all...

This dilemma has taken about a few hours of my husband and I's work everyday. He even reached the point of not being able to accomplish anything because of this...Haha!Although medyo late ko na sya na-hook into researching about it.
One day while we were chatting endlessly discussing it he said:

~ Ano ba tlga?
~ Palawan? Image hosted by
o Boracay? Image hosted by

and to tease me for my indecisiveness he continued..
~ Baguio or Tagaytay?
~ Laguna or Pampanga?

have to choose very soon or else baka mainip sa decision ko mauwi sa bahay namin i-celebrate ang 5th year namin together and 1st year as husband and wife kahit resto di nya ako i-date.

Excited na ako sana October na!!Gusto ko nang bumili ng tickets para walang bawian pero saan nga ba tlga?


Mathew Hanger said...

All of the above...heheheh

clarice said...

inggit ako!!!! waaaah!!!


i'm happy for you, sis! and excited as well! PALAWAN ang vote ko so you can make new memories.

better yet, bakit hindi out of the country? hehehe! mas pinapagastos kita! mwehehehe!!!

miss you, sis!



~dowadee~ said...

hahaha!bet ko din Palawan..grabe so exciting!Gumagawa na kme ng itenerary. Gusto ko kseng bumalik ng bora kse parang bitin yung pagpunta namin duon. out of the country..waaah!kse diba nawala ko passport ko tinatamad ako mag-ayos..

starfish said...

I vote Palawan! na ka-count ba ang votes namin dito?

starfish said...

ksama ba sa itenerary ang paggawa ng bebe? pag nagkataon, Palawan ang pangalan ng bebe nyo. hehehe

FoXy said...

bitaw palawan na lang girl. d ka na rin pwd sa boracay eh kasi may asawa ka na. hahaha. :D

Anonymous said...

go to palawan, pero better bring a lot of anti-mosquito lotion too...

tin said...

hello! i blog hopped and i can't resist to post a comment for this entry..
suggestion lang para walang away..BOHOL!:)(nakialam eh!hehe..) there's this place called alona palm, and i swear, sobrang ganda! if you want a quiet, peaceful and relaxing retreat, away from all the buzz, this is the place to be. mineral water yung pool nila, impeccable food, wala akong masabi sa rooms nila. the villas are HUGE!!! basta, you go have a look nalang..

Chatty =) said...

how fast time flies! mag-1 year ka na palang married! :) pareho pala tayo, when Crimson and I celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, 5th year rin namin un together!:) kwento and pics when you get back, ha. But first, got to make your mind about where to go... so, Palawan na ba talaga? :) Enjoy! :D