Jul 21, 2005

The (shopping) devil within me

It all started when I joined an organization that requires people to wear business attire. I don’t see anything wrong about it especially if I go out and meet people but I had to do A LOT of shopping. Since I have a strong will-power on not buying things that are not within budget (which I plan like months ahead), it was difficult for me to do it. My eerr.. our closet would consist of several jeans and casual clothes I have gradually acquired last four years because my previous company’s dress code was casual. I had no choice but to fill my closet with business attires…that was 3 weeks ago…and now to my horror and (maybe later on to my husband’s too) my shopping prowess got unleashed.

Last night since he went out with his officemates I told him I will go to the mall, which by the way I miss terribly since because now my new workplace is two jeepney rides and very heavy traffic away. I used to be there everyday I enjoy shopping alone by far the only companion who I can really shop with me is Auie my bestfriend and on few occasions Ryan (if he is emotionally, physically and mentally ready). So after I had my wax I grabbed a caramel affogato frappucino @ Starbucks (love this!!it’s a must try) then I went out to buy a pair of shoes (supposedly brown lng) but turns out I bought another black shoes and almost a pair of red pumps they just don’t have my size and it doesn’t end there…I strained myself from buying the other pair of black shoes but until this morning I can’t stop thinking about it. Aaarrgghhh!! This is not me…Well, I will definitely earn 1000 miles from my credit card anytime soon.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Enjoying Ryan’s late night out the PS2 was all mine…to be fair I didn’t practice my Tekken 5 characters this time because beating Ryan is getting too easy. He only mastered one character since PS1 days until now and syempre kinareer ko ang pang counter attack sa kanya, especially with the new sexy female characters now. Enjoying my victory while it lasts kse he is sooo good that I never won a match pag sya kalaban ko. We just bought our PS2 and no it’s not part of my shopping spree…it’s one of the months ahead budgeted items that we bought and afterwards feeling guilty doing so. (Ayan my usual kakuriputan kicked in pa din). I’m not a big fan of Final Fantasy and the likes yet because I get so bored remembering all the moves and reading all the instructions but I tried out the game The Urbz (Sims in the city) which at first tested my patience but last night even after Ryan has arrived I was so engrossed in playing the game…haha!ang corny…at least with sims I can shop a lot without actually spending. The other night I asked Ryan to join me sa sims because I want him to be my boyfriend there…eh hello kabago bago lng nya kiniss ba naman yung sims ko?!syempre nagalit yun….hello! at nagalit din ako dahil kiniss nya agad ayan forever nag alit sa kanya ang character ko..Hehehe…nag-create na lng ako ng bago. Hahaha! Ang babaw ko lately noh? Hmmm.. I would like to think these are my stress outlets especially when I just finished my take home midterm exam na mala-nobela. Waah! I was sooo drained.


Mathew Hanger said...

i was never good in atari, nintendo and sega. i never played ps, ps2 nor ps3. i never really liked computer games (warcraft, tomb raider, sims etc.) bakit kaya? hehehehehe!

starfish said...

I remember when Dan drags us in their house and force us to play tekken with him. Syempre daw, lagi sya panalo kc sobra sa pratice at home court advantage. When we had our ps, Dan was a guru! kaya I had no chance of beating him talaga.

It's nice to know na yan pala pinag kakaabalahan nyong mag asawa. Nawa wag kayong kainggitan ng asawa ko. Kami kasi, we just watch movies and spend time with ashley. Some of the gasgas movies we watch are barney (raised to the nth power), barbie, barbie, barbie, nemo, nemo, sesame streetsss and a lot more. hahahaha!

~dowadee~ said...

hep!dont forget the dance revo pad...perfect kaya nya un. hello!home court advantage tlga as if we have our own ps to practice with. in fact my first moves until now influence pa din ni dan. hahaha! resty di ka ba nahila ni dan sa kanila to play PS?

abieco said...

kami naman, na-addict dati sa XBox. we played as a team sa xmen and sa shrek. natapos namin! ngayon, dvd marathons naman.